Today we are going to go over whether or not you should run a tactical plate carrier or a chest rig as making this decision most times can be quite tasking. This is important if you do anything that involves shooting, so we are going to help you understand the differences between these items better.

Tactical Plate Carriers

Now reasons why you might want to run a plate carrier are most commonly because you can put more things on it and the weight distribution is maybe a little bit better, internal common bond if you like. If you are a really heavy set individual plate carrier might not be something you want to go with and you might want to go with a chest rig. The reasons why you would want to run a plate carrier is if you are playing a more supportive role like maybe defensive or offensive orientation. It has pouches in front, a couple of pouches on the side with plenty of Molle availability on the back you can put anything else in the back just pouches galore, mags or ammo, radio comms, whatever you want it literally holds just about anything.

Chest Rigs

If you have been looking all over the internet and trying to work out how best to carry your fighting equipment the chest rigs is a great option because they are light, they are quick to throw on in case you get yourself into a firefight and again it can serve sort of multiple applications depending on how you configure it. It can also be used for carrying equipments for airsoft players, hunters, carpenters and the likes. A lot of people choose this over a plate carrier because of the weight and most times during light military trainings that do not involve explosives, this is what is worn by soldiers.

Differences Between a Plate Carrier and a Chest Rigs

Chest rigs do not provide any protection as they are mostly used to carry essential items whereas the plate carriers are designed for ballistic protection as the inserted plates provide a degree of protection of the vital organs.

Mostly, plate carriers are made from nylon material, the nylon functions to help to increase the body temperature while the chest rigs from a design perspective are usually well ventilated which makes them more comfortable.

MOLLE is an essential part of the plate carrier as it is used to keep magazines for a pistol or a rifle; this allows you to carry pouches and panels using MOLLE straps, whereas the pouches on the chest rigs are used for carrying mostly survival items and other first aid kits.

Chest rigs are generally worn under clothing; however, plate carriers can be worn outside of the clothes which make it perfect for when you need protection from bullets.

Also, you should note that there are some chest rigs that can be attached to plate carriers with the aid of Velcro attachments. So I would definitely say the biggest difference between the tactical plate carrier and the chest rig come down to maneuverability and flexibility with you or a play style whereas if you are a more conservative player you might want to run a plate carrier instead of a chest rig.