Tactical Plate Carrier vs Chest Rig

Today we are going to go over whether or not you should run a tactical plate carrier or a chest rig as making this decision most times can be quite tasking. This is important if you do anything that involves shooting, so we are going to help you understand the differences between these items better.

Tactical Plate Carriers

Now reasons why you might want to run a plate carrier are most commonly because you can put more things on it and the weight distribution is maybe a little bit better, internal common bond if you like. If you are a really heavy set individual plate carrier might not be something you want to go with and you might want to go with a chest rig. The reasons why you would want to run a plate carrier is if you are playing a more supportive role like maybe defensive or offensive orientation. It has pouches in front, a couple of pouches on the side with plenty of Molle availability on the back you can put anything else in the back just pouches galore, mags or ammo, radio comms, whatever you want it literally holds just about anything.

Chest Rigs

If you have been looking all over the internet and trying to work out how best to carry your fighting equipment the chest rigs is a great option because they are light, they are quick to throw on in case you get yourself into a firefight and again it can serve sort of multiple applications depending on how you configure it. It can also be used for carrying equipments for airsoft players, hunters, carpenters and the likes. A lot of people choose this over a plate carrier because of the weight and most times during light military trainings that do not involve explosives, this is what is worn by soldiers.

Differences Between a Plate Carrier and a Chest Rigs

Chest rigs do not provide any protection as they are mostly used to carry essential items whereas the plate carriers are designed for ballistic protection as the inserted plates provide a degree of protection of the vital organs.

Mostly, plate carriers are made from nylon material, the nylon functions to help to increase the body temperature while the chest rigs from a design perspective are usually well ventilated which makes them more comfortable.

MOLLE is an essential part of the plate carrier as it is used to keep magazines for a pistol or a rifle; this allows you to carry pouches and panels using MOLLE straps, whereas the pouches on the chest rigs are used for carrying mostly survival items and other first aid kits.

Chest rigs are generally worn under clothing; however, plate carriers can be worn outside of the clothes which make it perfect for when you need protection from bullets.

Also, you should note that there are some chest rigs that can be attached to plate carriers with the aid of Velcro attachments. So I would definitely say the biggest difference between the tactical plate carrier and the chest rig come down to maneuverability and flexibility with you or a play style whereas if you are a more conservative player you might want to run a plate carrier instead of a chest rig.

Tactical Chest Rigs – Faster Access While On the Move

Nobody knows that how important tactical plate carrier chest rigs play other than the military since they allow them more rapidly access to their implements while they are on the move. These chest rigs are the soldiers’ most critical first defense in protecting vital organs. Every military now, and all the security forces are equipping their troops with these rigs for numerous reasons.

Mounts on Either Leg

These chest rigs are very convenient and can be mounted on the left or right thigh of the soldiers. The thought is that when a soldier is moving on the battlefield, they require access to their weapons magazines or other tools as quickly as possible. You don’t have to worry regarding the size since the thigh straps are fully adjustable consistent with the size of your thigh.

Using one or both on either leg may take a while to get used to once you attempt them for the very first time, but with practice, you ought to be able to master it. Try walking a little after putting them on. At that time you can move forward to try to run with them. In the event you are worried that they will fall, some of the rigs come with extra straps to mount on your belt or chest rigs for extra support.

Stored Items

Most tactical plate carrier chest rigs are made to store rounds of magazines issued by the government. Some models can store some magazines accompanied by other extra elements like maps, stationery or torches. Users have the option to buy more accessories, such as completely adjustable snap hooks and loop magazine bag covers to secure their magazine rounds.

Or additional straps to secure your belts or chest rigs to make it more stable when you are carrying some rounds of magazines on their thigh rigs. The vital thing to keep in mind is that these rigs were ready to adapt to the requirements of the soldiers, along with to prepare them to feel as relaxed as possible when they use them.

Not Scared Of Water

As soldiers must work in various harsh environments, these chest rigs are designed to last and even when they got wet, some of these rigs have a large eyelet to drain the water if a soldier comes out of any maritime environment. Therefore, you don’t have to worry regarding water retention on the rigs. The equipment is designed to last and would not be difficult if it got wet or flooded in the water.

On condition that you have the rounds of your weapon magazine and other vital tools so as to you have quick access to them, which should prepare any soldier or operator pleased. If you are seeking a thigh rigs, make sure the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty so you can repair it or replace it if it becomes damaged.


For soldiers or army officers who are off duty, the tactical plate carrier chest rig is a vital asset for them if they want to move around easily. Rather than having to carry a bag, you can tie the strap to a thigh and free their hands for another task.

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Tactical Gear with Night Vision Technology

From night vision goggles to a tactical plate carrier, these have become some of the most important pieces of tactical gear to choose when it comes to being on the front line. It doesn’t matter if you are a soldier, in law enforcement or in the surveillance industry, having the right equipment is crucial. Being able to see in the dark is a necessity and with the right night vision technology you can absolutely give yourself an advantage over those who do not. However, for most, they think NVDs (night vision devices) are not necessary, so should you complete your tactical gear with night vision? To read further information about Night vision devices, click here

Why Are NVDs needed?

What happens if you were required to follow a suspicious person and you had to stand a fair distance away, how could you possibly make out what they were doing in the dark? You couldn’t but with night vision you can see exactly what is going on. What’s more, night vision technology can actually help to keep you safe and sound at all times. This is a necessity for sure and really it’s like having a chest rig, you need to have the necessary tactical gear to keep you safe. Knowing what’s going on and conducting the necessary surveillance at a distance is a must. You can do that with night vision technology. Read more information about Right Tactical Gear – From Head to Toe by clicking at http://www.sparconline.ca/the-right-tactical-gear-from-head-to-toe/

Tactical Gear with Night Vision Technology

Should You Be Using NVDs?

Night vision devices have a host of uses and not just simply for soldiers. Yes, night vision technology is commonly used by soldiers on the front line for a host of reasons. However, it can be a useful tool for thousands when it comes to keeping their properties safe and for law enforcement too. There are far too many people who don’t really understand night vision technology and it’s terrible really because it might just help them one day. It’s like a tactical plate carrier; this can be a necessary tactical tool to have and it’s the same with night vision. You cannot carry out a simple mission on a dangerous suspect when you have improper night vision. It keeps people safe and can help prevent something from going wrong too.

An Important Tool for Those on the Front Line

Being out on the front line is unlike anything you can imagine and until you are out there personally you don’t know what it’s like. However, being fully prepared and equipped is a necessity no matter how important the situation appears or how routine it is either. Always go prepared and you can potentially avoid trouble and disaster. From using a chest rig to night vision, there are so many important tactical items to use. You should always consider using as many as you can to ensure a simple and safe mission.

Stay Safe

When you have the proper safety and tactical equipment you have the very best chance of remaining safe at all times. This has become a necessity to say the least and you really need to think about your safety. Without the best gear you could put yourself into harm’s way and that isn’t what you want. Night vision can be just as important as a tactical plate carrier.

The Right Tactical Gear – From Head to Toe

From a chest rig to night vision goggles, it can be very difficult to know which tactical gear you need. There are quite a few options to consider and for those new to this entire area, everything can seem necessary. Getting to know tactical gear can be highly important, especially when you are learning the basics of it all. You don’t have to be on the front lines to require tactical gear and it can be vitally important to have the right items with you too. Read on to find just a few of the most used tactical equipment today. To read further information about tactical gear, click here.

Ear Plugs

A lot of people don’t think about protecting their hearing during certain exercises and it could result in them damaging their hearing permanently. Do you really want to damage your hearing? Of course you don’t and that is why it is wise to think about investing in a good pair of ear plugs. They can be very cost-effective and really you have a few options to consider too. Usually they can last around six months to a year and they can be pretty effective to say the least. Yes, these are not quite as important as say a tactical plate carrier but they can be crucial nonetheless.

Tactical Vests

Far too many people forget how important a tactical vest is and yet it could potentially save a life. When you have the right chest rig and vest you can feel far more confident about being out on the front lines. It has become a necessity to take some time out and find the most suitable tactical vest and rig so that you stay protected from start to finish. This is important and something you should consider even if it’s just for recreational purposes.

The Right Tactical Gear – From Head to Toe

Suitable Head Protection

When you are out and about, it has become a necessity to ensure you keep your head safe at all times. Who thinks about their head in certain situations? Unfortunately, there are thousands who don’t take this into consideration and end up hurting their heads somewhat. You really need to ensure no matter what you are doing you have sensible and suitable head gear for the occasion. Like a tactical plate carrier, head gear is a must. This can be an affordable accessory to have and certainly one that can make all the difference when keeping you safe too. Read more information about Tactical Gear with Night Vision Technology by clicking at http://www.sparconline.ca/tactical-gear-with-night-vision-technology/

Protection for Your Eyes

Next, you have to ensure you have the right safety goggles or glasses for your eyes. Anti-fog and anti-glare sunglasses or tactical glasses can be crucial no matter the situation. These can absolutely give your eyes complete protection and really they can be the ideal way to ensure your eyes don’t get hurt. Glasses can be as important as a chest rig and really you need to ensure your eyes are protected. Far too many people don’t protect their eyes.

Get Kitted Out From Head to Toe

Who thinks about getting sufficient protection? Far too many don’t consider half the equipment they will need and it ends up with them getting hurt. This doesn’t have to be and in truth you can remain in the safest possible condition as long as the right equipment is with you. The above are just a handful of the most important items you should think about investing in. A tactical plate carrier and ear protection can be very important, never forget it. Get more information about tactical plate carrier by clicking here

The Improved Outer Tactical Vest: Lightweight Tactical Equipment Providing Better Protection

Using a tactical plate carrier can be vitally important for those who are in the army and police. When you are facing potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis you have to be sure you have the right equipment. At the end of the day, the equipment you use will potentially help protect you and that is crucial. Do you really want to be stuck with average tactical vests? Of course you don’t as they might not provide the best protection for you; that are why you need to think about getting an improved outer tactical vest. Read more information about Tactical Gear with Night Vision Technology by clicking at http://www.sparconline.ca/tactical-gear-with-night-vision-technology/

Will The Tactical Vest You Use Make A Difference?

A lot of people think all tactical vests are the same and while they have the same goal or purpose they can be all very much different from one another. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a chest rig or something completely different, every vest is different. Will it make a difference which one you use? Well, in all honesty, it can simply because you can see a difference in terms of quality and how much protection each offers. Some may be slightly better than others and it’s something to think about to say the least. Further information about tactical vests can be obtained by clicking here.

The Improved Outer Tactical Vest: Lightweight Tactical Equipment Providing Better Protection

Why More Is Needed?

Currently there are manufacturers who are looking at upgrading these standard vests so that they can be more enhanced and offer more protection. At the end of the day, that is what all users need—more protection—and it doesn’t matter if they are serving in the military or the police force. Having tactical vests available when needed and at their best is a necessity. Far too many people face danger by being ill-equipped and it means putting their lives in greater danger. This shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. With an improved tactical plate carrier you can honestly find this to be far better in many ways and it’ll help too. Choosing an enhanced vest can be useful no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Protection and Safety Is Number One

Let’s be honest, whether you are out on the front line or back well behind the lines, you need to ensure you have the very best equipment available to you. The improved outer tactical vest can be a crucial tool for a thousand people and it’s certainly very important. When you have a good chest rig you can feel a lot safer and ensure you are protected a lot more too. This is a necessity today simply because the dangers are getting far worse. There are a host of dangers out there and sometimes you cannot predict what will come your way.

Make Safety Your Number One Concern

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you absolutely need to ensure you are kept safe and sound at all times. When you are facing potentially life-threatening situations you have to ensure your equipment will back you up at all times. Having an improved tactical vest is a necessity and it can sometimes make all the difference. Always use the best tactical plate carrier.

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